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  • September 4, 2018

Lumiair is now live!

Lumiair is now live!

Lumiair is now live! 1024 687 lumiair

Lumiair is changing the game for accommodation providers throughout Australia. Lumiair is a flexible and affordable solution which is providing guests with a 5-star entertainment experience, all at an economy rate. 

Make the most of your guests stay and provide them with world class entertainment. Exceed their expectations and form the benchmark for their future experiences.  

Whether it’s travelling for work, a family holiday or a break from the city we all still expect to enjoy and easily access high quality entertainment, on demand.  

In our busy lives any downtime is valuable. During your guests experience their downtime can provide a unique opportunity for you to provide an additional service that can set you apart from your competitors.  

At Lumiair we believe simplicity is best. That’s why we have kept the end user, your guests, in mind. We know they want to access movies as quickly as possible with no fuss.  

All your guests need to do is connect to your venues WiFi, download the app and sit back and start watching. Or they can watch via an internet browser.  

No account set up or registration is required for your guests. The experience is quick and easy so the only thing your guests will have to think about is deciding what they want to watch.  

Give them the experience they weren’t expecting!  

To learn more about Lumiair contact us today for a free consultation