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  • July 8, 2019

Making the most of mobile.

Making the most of mobile.

Making the most of mobile. 1024 683 lumiair

Let’s face it we are now firmly attached to our mobile devices and when we are travelling, they become our ultimate travel companion. Our mobile or tablet becomes our navigator, our booking system, our travel guide and they provide our entertainment on the road.  

It’s time for the hospitality and accommodation sector to take advantage of our mobile devices to provide better entertainment and a seamless entertainment experience to guests’ stay.  

From key findings in the Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey 2017 “Australia remains one of the leading global adopters of the smartphone and 88 percent of Australians now own one, with market growth being driven by older generations”.  

The report goes on to state “it’s all about content; the number of us streaming TV and video and watching live TV on our smartphones has tripled since last year.” 

Lumiair allows all accommodation providers to take advantage of guests own mobile devices to deliver a more convenient entertainment experience, whilst at the same time saving on all the operational costs that used to come with providing wired physical entertainment networks.  

How does it work?  

With Lumiair you simply provide the check in card to your guests and they follow 3 easy steps. They don’t need to subscribe or set up an account they simply download and start watching.  


  1. Connect to your Wifi 
  1. Download the Lumiair App (or open their browser)  
  1. Start watching or cast to compatible devices  

They sit back and start watching, and you watch the star ratings skyrocket!  

Want to see Lumiair in action! Click here.