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  • July 8, 2019

The Inspiration Behind Lumiair

The Inspiration Behind Lumiair

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You’ve heard us talking a lot about the Lumiair entertainment app, the latest app for the tourism and accommodation industry but what does Lumiair mean?  

What better inspiration could be sought than referring to where it all began. The history of cinema entertainment. The Lumière brothers Auguste Marie Louis Nicolas and Louis Jean were among the first filmmakers in history. The Lumiere brothers were the inventors of the moving picture. They patented an improved cinematograph, which in contrast to Thomas Edison’s “peepshow” kinetoscope allowed simultaneous viewing by multiple parties.  

How did Lumiair come about? The accommodation industry is having to meet the ever-increasing expectations by guests to provide a home away from home experience. An important benchmark for a quality guest experience is access to quality entertainment equal to, or better than what they get at home.  

In the past providing premium entertainment was limited to large hotels. Investing in equipment for each room and forking out for upfront installation costs along with the ongoing expenses associated with replacing and upgrading equipment meant that providing entertainment on demand was simply out of reach for smaller accommodation providers.  

Lumiair changes this. Providing the latest release entertainment is now attainable for a range of providers. From holiday parks to motels, all accommodation providers can now improve their guests stay.  

In our busy lives making the most out of whatever little downtime we have, is important. We all want to make the most of it. Ensure your guests make the most of their stay and have the option of a high-quality entertainment experience at their fingertips. 

Give your guests an instant upgrade. Want to experience how easy Lumiair can be?   

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